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We pride ourselves on the level of expertise in self-performing any heavy civil earthwork project. We understand the importance of getting your job done safely and efficiently. Whether it's grading or foundation work for your next building complex, we can handle it. Take a look below to check out our wide range of capabilities.

Witech’s Capabilities

Mass Earthwork
Overburden Removal / Mining
Structure Excavation / Backfill
Aggregate Placement
Site Demolition
XPO Logistics site
  • Topsoil Stripping

    Making way for new landscapes removing topsoil, fill, and all other non-structural material for.
  • Cut/Structural Fill and Borrow Fill

    Strategic cut and fill operations for efficient and stable foundations as well as Borrowing leftover material from other sites for less waste and more production.
  • Topsoil Placement

    Once we complete the subgrade, we’ll polish your site with a fresh layer of topsoil.
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  • Overburden Removal and Mining

    Regardless of what’s in your way, we’ll remove obstacles for accessing desired resources. We have experienced excavation teams for safe and successful mining operations.
  • Reclamation

    We recognize the importance of reclamation work and putting a site back to its original formation or something more useful than it was before.
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WITECH Crew Aerial Shot Doing Structure Excavation Project
  • Excavation and Backfill for Structure Foundations

    From subsurface parking structures to slabs and more, we dig and backfill solid foundations for your structures.
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WITECH Crew On Excavator Equipment for Mass Grading work
  • Sub Grading

    We perform both sub grading for dirt, topsoil, or aggregate. We have an extensive fleet of equipment to grade any size project.
  • Final Grading

    Providing beautifully groomed final proposed grades for fresh landscapes or final site preparation.
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An Aerial Shot of Our Crew Working On Aggregate Placement
  • Aggregate Roadways

    Our team sources and installs material for access, temporary, or permanent aggregate roads.
  • Aggregate Placement

    We place a variety of aggregate materials under slabs on grade, under concrete, and under asphalt.
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WITECH Crew Conducting Site Demolition using Excavator with Cap Picking Paved Surfaces
  • Pavement and Sidewalk Demolition

    From sidewalks to parking lots and roads, we remove existing paved surfaces with ease.
  • Tree Removal / Grubbing

    Before excavation starts, we’ll clear the site of all unwanted trees, grubs, and stumps.
  • Miscellaneous Site Demolition

    We’ll take care of any other structures scattered across your site.
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Featured Project

Summerlin Estates

Residential site development for a 55-acre new residential subdivision in St. John, IN, for Olthof Homes included 150,000 CY of earthwork and 250,000 SY of fine grading to prepare for new roads, retention basins, easements and house pads.
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Witech was a great asset to the project providing great equipment and supervision for our expansion project at Nucor Kankakee. Your movement of over 400,000 CY of dirt, placement of 80,000 tons of aggregate, and structural excavation was representative of the quality work that Witech performs. The majority of this work took place in the worst weather conditions we have experienced and the project was safe, on schedule, and on budget. We value you, your teammates, your families and the dedication each of you contributes to work safely each and every day.

Jon Hayes , General Manager

We highly value our relationship with Witech. They provide accurate budgets in a timely fashion. Often times with very little information to start with, they go the extra mile to get what is needed. There have been a number of projects where we involved Witech early in the process and we're always glad we did.

Rodney Greenfield, Director of Preconstruction

As one of our largest customers and respected vendors in the Chicago metro area, Witech has proven to be reliable, safety-focused, cost-effective and most importantly, trustworthy, over the many years we have worked together.

Tim Theobald , Sales Manager

Witech has performed with excellence on several projects ranging from ground-up structures to multi-acre developments. We rely heavily on cost feedback and “out-of-the-box” solutions when site conditions are marginal. Witech has always been a trusted partner through that process and has routinely been able to articulate our approach directly to our client which brings significant credibility to the entire process. We would certainly extend our sincere recommendation for Witech on any project and look forward to working with them continually into the future.

Scott A. Olthoff, President

Witech is a trusted partner who knows how to efficiently manage earthwork. Combine that with an attentive project management team, timely responses, and value-orientated solutions. They perform.

Jayson Taylor, Operations Manager

Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Inc., has had the pleasure of working with Witech on our last two major projects. We appreciate the expertise, energy, and attention to detail your company brings to each project. The Witech team is committed to delivering on time and on budget for each project. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with your team.

Gray Construction is working with Witech Excavating Company on the IKEA Distribution facility in Joliet, IL. We would like to extend our sincere recommendation for Witech on any construction projects and also express our desire to work with them in the future.

Louis Rives , Senior Project Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many good subcontractors, but Witech Company is a great subcontractor. Over the past several years, we’ve partnered with Witech on several projects. Their expertise in preplanning and insight into site management have greatly contributed to the economical execution and success of our projects.

Robert Wehner, Vice President of Preconstruction

Witech has a great and experienced excavation team. Their team brought productive ideas and a can-do approach to our Matteson Auto Auction project. They beat their project schedule which allowed us to complete all paving before winter conditions set in. Overall great job and looking forward to the next project with Witech.

Jon Gallagher, Project Manager
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