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Why Work at Witech?

We’re always excited to add new talent to our company. It's amazing to watch people from all walks of life unite under the same core values and beliefs. We believe we're chosen to be hard workers. Those who live to face challenges and push towards building stronger communities. At our roots, we’re a big family that looks out for one another.

Witech wants to invest in employees for long term success. When a new hire comes aboard, we’re all in with them. We provide the same commitment that our employees have given to us year after year. As the days go by, we continue to build a trusting family that continues to push our company to new heights.

What We Offer

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If you’re committed to Witech, we're committed to you. We provide employees with opportunities that increase their well-being, both professionally and personally.
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Learn and Grow

Strengthening communities starts with our people. Helping our employees grow is crucial for producing new ideas, new solutions, and better communities.
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One Big Family

We think of Witech as one big family. We build trust, foster respect, and create lasting bonds with each other.
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Pride in Work

A lot of pride is born out of a hard day's work. We know our industry is challenging, but the sense of purpose and pride that comes along with it is simply invaluable.
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Your Voice is Heard

Whether you run a bulldozer or crunch numbers, we want to hear your thoughts. We’re transparent with our people and love that they’re the same way.
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Giving Back

At Witech, you’ll have the chance to give back to the community. Selfless deeds help build a higher sense of purpose in your work. You’ll like feeling good about what you do.
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Witech Careers

Who's the Right Fit?

Who’s a good fit for Witech? Well, it starts with integrity. If you’re honest and transparent with coworkers, clients, and vendors, then you’ll fit right in. By creating a transparent work environment, it creates a tighter bond within our company. Our employees care for each other as if they are family. If you thrive in an atmosphere founded on respect, then we’d love to add you to our family.

We want people who commit to a higher purpose. People who believe that their daily activities are a chance to contribute to the greater good of our communities. People who take each day as an opportunity to get better, give more, and grow.

Does this sound like you? Do you thrive in an atmosphere founded on respect and integrity? If so, we’d love to add you to our family.

Joe and Nick don’t cut corners; they give us the tools we need for the job. Joe even stops by a jobsite to lend a hand. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether that’s running equipment or grabbing a shovel to dig by hand.

Jim Vandervort, General Superintendent

Join the Witech Team

We're always looking for great talent at Witech! We're currently hiring for Project Manager, Estimator, Site Superintedent (union), and GPS Grade Man (union). Please email us the position you're interested in and a resumé with past experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay?

Our pay rates are competitive and depend on experience, qualifications, and role.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for motivated, hard-working people to add to the team. If no jobs are posted, send us an email with your resume.

Will I have to travel?

Potentially. Our projects are usually within a 100-mile radius of Chicago.

How do I apply?

You can apply directly through a job posting above or by contacting us via email.