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Our Safety Approach

We start every morning with the same priority: safety. Before the tractors fire up and dirt gets pushed, we want everyone on the same page. We’re all in this together, day in and day out. Our employees know what the expectation is: look after one another.

Witech’s safety culture focuses on the big-picture of safety. Each employee is a part of the next team member’s life in some way. They know that it's not just about keeping that person safe, but also their family and loved ones. It’s not just about preventing accidents, it’s about preserving the livelihoods of our team’s families. That’s why we take care of one another. It’s for the greater good of our people, their loved ones, and our company.

New Hire Training

Safety has to start somewhere. We’re proud to hire union employees who already have the extensive safety training and knowledge that we need on our projects. From there, we continue to educate them on the latest industry safety procedures.

Daily Inspections / Permits

Every day starts with a Tool Box Talk. These meetings are crucial for setting the safety expectations for daily work activities, as well as ensuring that the proper permits and precautions are in place.

Continuing Training

We can always build on our employees’ safety training. The more educated we are, the less vulnerable we are. By adding certifications such as OSHA, MSHA, First Aid, and CPR, we equip our team with the knowledge needed for a safe project.

Respect & Responsibility

Other than extensive safety knowledge, we've connected our team through respect and a sense of responsibility for one another. From management to laborers, we believe it’s our duty to look out for the well-being of each individual.

Proven Track Record

When we show up on-site, we want to set the precedent for safety. After decades of moving dirt, we’ve accumulated an above-average EMR rating of 0.80. Although it may just be a number, we’re proud of the effectiveness of our safety culture.
Safety Testimonials
Nick Frederick

Safety here at Witech is incorporated into every aspect of what we do. We want them going home each and every night to their loved ones. Our employees' well-being is a top priority.

Nick Frederick, Vice President
Nick Fredireck, Our Vice President at WITECH Headshot Photo

Subcontractor Safety Award 2019

Witech is proud to announce that Ryan Companies awarded us their prestigious Subcontractor Safety Award for 2019. We started working with Ryan in 2018 on a small 10-acre site. As our relationship has grown, so have the projects — both in size and in frequency. Today, we’re working on two or three Ryan Companies projects at a time, and our latest collaboration was a 122-acre eCommerce fulfillment site.

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WITECH Crew On-site Meeting On Keeping Everyone Safe by wearing Construction Uniform Equipment

Safety is part of our culture.

Witech’s safety culture is a real-time program which is continuing to improve by implementation of safety plans. Employee involvement is key to our success. Management and the field work together to create safety policies and procedures specialized for our diverse industry. Employees are trained to recognize safety concerns, issues and/or potential hazards. Our team works together to reduce and eliminate exposure to employees, subcontractors, and the public.
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