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This project had a very aggressive mass earthwork schedule with all the work required to get the 1.3 million sf building pad to grade. Witech was allowed only 30 working days to move over 350,000 CY of earth for just the building pad alone. In total over 500,000 CY of earthwork is required. We completed the pad almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule allowing a great start to the project!

This project was awarded later in the earthwork season so getting ahead of the schedule was very important here. That presented its own challenges. We did not want to get off to a slow start with weather turning soon.

All the structural material being placed needed to be modified chemically to dry out the materials moisture content as well as increase its strength so it could be properly compacted. With wet in place materials and cooler fall temperatures chemical treatment was a must. Project requires a balance site condition at completion. This means no soil stockpiles at turnover to owner. Because of this requirement we force borrowed over 120,000 CY of structural material and filled the borrow with excess topsoil. This left the owner without large stockpiles on the property allowing them to utilize this space for further development.

We completed this project utilizing quadtrac tractors with scraper pans and articulating 40 ton off road trucks being loaded by large excavators.

Mass earthwork is nearly finished and we’ve completed all the aggregate placement under the 1.3 million sf building pad. We still have to complete foundation excavation/backfill, final grading, aggregate placement for exterior concrete and topsoil re spread. The customer is thrilled with our performance thus far. We completed the mass earthwork portion 2 weeks ahead of schedule allowing a great start for the rest of the project.

Alston Construction
Type of Project
Aggregate Placement, Grading, Mass Earthwork, Site Demolition, Structure Excavation / Backfill
Scoped Performance
1.3 million SF build to suit distribution center.
12 Months

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