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Witech performed stormwater control, mass grading, final subgrade and roadway aggregate placement for this development.

With the extensive nature of the project, pre-construction efforts were challenging at times. Alongside the client, we thoroughly worked through grading requirements, utility easements, house pad installation, and stormwater control. By dedicating countless hours to addressing the client’s needs upfront, we developed a strategy that met the client’s needs and ultimately benefited them in the end.

With extensive pre-construction efforts, our team, the owner, and the engineer did a great job working together to create a plan that worked before mobilization. Once our team mobilized, they planned on force balancing the site. By borrowing extra structural materials while burying excess topsoil, we balanced out the fill requirements across the site with quadtrac tractors and pans.

The Gates of St. John East was a great example of the importance of working as a team with the client to reach a common goal. We couldn’t have been happier with this project’s results.

Residential Site Development
LBL Development
Type of Project
Aggregate Placement, Grading, Mass Earthwork
Scoped Performance
After developing 300 new homesites, there were no grading issues found by the third party inspection team -- great news for both Witech and the developer. Our strategy proved to be effective and resulted in a very happy client.

By the end of the project, Witech excavated over 170,000 CY of topsoil, 50,000 CY of structural fill, and 60,000 CY of force borrow before installing the new roadways. Once excavation and rough grading were complete, we wrapped the project up with 21,000 SY of roadway fine grading and 45,000 SY of utility and drainage easement fine grading.
3 months
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