Project Details

ARCO/Murray broke ground on Project Axle with the help of State and Local officials in attendance, as well as Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. While at the ceremony, Nick Frederick was able to have a conversation with Governor Holcomb about some of the services Witech offers and the markets we serve. The two also took an opportunity to pose for a photo with one of Witech’s D6 dozers.

With the project awarded later in the earthwork season, we had to get ahead of schedule right from the start. This, of course, was a challenge in itself, as we did not want to get off to a slow start with the weather turning so soon. Despite the late start and uncertain weather conditions, we’re off to a great start on Project Axle. Our teams have already completed the mass earthwork, and the client is very satisfied with progress being made..

A majority of the client's construction will occur during the winter, making it crucial to prepare for the site for the colder and more harsh weather conditions. The final lift of clay fill included a chemical treatment to help give the new building pad added strength to prevent the dirt and stone from deteriorating over the winter. If all goes well, the building pad will be ready for concrete this spring, and the project will remain on schedule.

The project is still in its early stages, but Witech is off to a great start. The mass earthwork is ahead of schedule, which allows us to minimize the need for chemical modifications. From here, we still need to excavate and backfill the new building foundation, complete final grading, install new aggregate surfaces, and finally respread new topsoil. ARCO/Murray is thrilled with our performance to date, and we’ve enjoyed working for them on Project Axle.

Witech’s General Superintendents Candido Rocha and Jim Vandervort alongside Operations Manager Joe Slivka, have excelled at getting us ahead of schedule and keeping our teams on track.

ARCO /Murray
Type of Project
Aggregate Placement, Grading, Mass Earthwork, Site Demolition, Structure Excavation / Backfill
Scoped Performance
Once the project is complete, the team will have excavated over 30,000 CY of topsoil, nearly 30,000 CY of cut/borrow material, 60,000 SY of fine grading, and 13,000 tons of aggregate.
6 months
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