Project Details

Waste Management hired Witech to provide mass excavation services at the Laraway Landfill in Joliet, Illinois. This project marked Witech’s first landfill project as a company, although many of our team members have plenty of previous experience in this market.

Our crews constructed two new landfill cells, placed and graded leachate aggregate material, and capped a completed landfill section. A unique challenge of this project was the long distances (up to 6,000 feet) and steep climbs (90+ feet) up and down the landfill between the cut and fill areas. Because the landfill is active and receives heavy customer traffic, we needed to carefully coordinate our haul routes to maintain safety and avoid interrupting the landfill’s daily operations.

By the time we finish this project, Witech teams will have performed more than 650,000 cubic yards of earthmoving services at the Laraway Landfill. Our estimating team did an incredible job calculating quantities and developing safe haul routes, and our operations team was vital in keeping us on schedule and under budget.

Waste Management
Type of Project
Aggregate Placement, Grading, Mass Earthwork
Scoped Performance
650,000+ CY of earthwork
Five Months
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