Project Details

Our client ARCO/Murray hired Witech to perform a variety of site development services for the Carvana Inspection Facility in University Park, Illinois. Witech’s scope of work on this project included stormwater pollution prevention planning (SWPPP), mass grading, foundation excavation and backfill, aggregate placement, topsoil placement, and fine grading.

The Carvana Inspection Facility was the largest earthwork project Witech has ever taken on, and it’s also the most aggressive schedule we’ve attempted in our history. The job site encompassed 145 acres and required nearly 1 million cubic yards of earthwork. To help us stay on track, we made sure to carefully track clay and topsoil quantities, and we also used drone surveying to maintain site balance. Due to the wet soil located in some parts of the job site, we used lime modification techniques to dry the material faster and stay on schedule.

By the time we finished this project in November 2021, we had performed more than 950,000 CY of earth movement and 550,000 square yards of final grading. Our estimating team did an incredible job at the Carvana Inspection Facility, accurately calculating quantities and production targets. Our operations team also rose to the occasion on this complex job site, completing a quality project safely, on time, and within budget.

Type of Project
Aggregate Placement, Grading, Mass Earthwork
Scoped Performance
950,000+ CY of Earthwork, 550,000 SY of Grading
6 months
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