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By: Witech Excavating

We are celebrating! 2021 marks our twentieth anniversary here at Witech, and we’re taking time to reflect and be thankful to the Lord for how far we’ve come in the last two decades and set our sights for the future.

Witech’s humble beginnings harken back to simple conversations among a few like-minded friends who had a vision for how earthmoving could be different.  They were willing to take jobs others didn’t want to get started moving dirt, and they were grateful for their modest beginnings in a basement and barn.

Witech Company Headquarters

After several years in business and just before the recession, Witech got into the petroleum industry. We grew in every way possible–experiencing the ups and downs that go along with it, but realizing God’s providence through it all. About eight years later, we paused to catch our breath and realized it was time to refocus. That’s when we poured everything we had into mass earth moving. Hence the saying, moving dirt with purpose.

Moving Dirt

Fast forward to the present day, and we are on the move both literally and figuratively. Not only do we move dirt with purpose, but we’re building our business in such a way that we can support more families and organizations by moving even more earth. We hope to be able to continue to bless our communities and surrounding areas by being a great employer and by doing excellent work–work that will last through many more decades to come. Our anniversary celebration is all about God’s faithfulness and our people: those who got us where we are today, and the hard-working men and women who will carry us into tomorrow.

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