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Why does an excavating company need values anyway?

It’s a fair question, maybe. To someone outside our industry, outside our company, the work we do probably seems straightforward enough without some list of principles added to the mix. After all, what kind of values does anyone really need to move dirt for a living? As long as the project’s done on time, what difference does it make?

At Witech, we know how common this way of thinking unfortunately is within our industry. We’ve been around enough to witness the poor results of contractors that don’t operate according to a set of values—who consider them non-essential to their business, another page in the employee handbook, or worse, a waste of time. 

Companies without values to guide them suffer from inconsistent performance, internal conflicts, employee retention challenges, and more. They don’t achieve success because they never defined how to be successful.

That’s the reason we take our values so seriously at Witech. To us, they’re more than just a bunch of words hung on a wall somewhere—they’re instructions for how we live and work as members of this team. 

For the men and women of Witech, the core values listed below unite us in our various roles in the company. For our partners in the dirt world, they provide the foundation of trust and accountability on which great relationships are built.

You’ll notice there’s nothing in our values about excavating. No mention of topsoil stripping, grade work, or aggregate placement techniques. Our values cut deeper than that. They instruct how we treat each other and our partners as human beings. They speak to the core of who we strive to be as people, first and foremost, because that’s what forms our company—not projects, equipment, income or revenue, but people.

At Witech, we’re working every day to uphold the following core values: 

Build With Purpose:

We are a Christian-owned company. We believe we are called to be workers of purpose. We believe in striving to do better and build better each and every day. We strive to run our business based on moral and ethical standards for the Glory of God.

Practice Stewardship:

We are thankful for the opportunities we have been given and we strive to practice selfless stewardship. We believe in giving back to those around us and sharing a portion of our profits to our surrounding communities, educational institutions, service organizations, and mission fields.

Your Words Matter:

We want our employees, clients, sub-contractors, and vendors to know that integrity and trust are vital parts of our success. We aim to be honest and transparent—always completing our work with integrity. We pride ourselves on being honest leaders. Our words are our promise.

We Make It Happen:

We believe we are called to be hard workers. Regardless of size or scope, we always deliver results we can be proud of. We are thorough, courteous, and knowledgeable throughout all phases of a project from pre-construction to project close-out. There is always a way to make it happen.

Foster Relationships:

People are our most important asset at Witech—and we are confident we have the best in the business. Fostering meaningful and lasting relationships between our team, our vendors, and our clients is vital to our business. We constantly ask how we can connect with others and add value beyond ourselves.

Respect Others. Respect Yourself:

We respect one another, just as we respect ourselves. This means being considerate of our team, our clients, our families, and ourselves in our words and actions. We believe respect at its core is thoughtfully caring.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility:
Safety is not only a responsibility to ourselves but to everyone who cares for us. We can provide and serve our loved ones by working safely. We also have the responsibility of watching over those around us and ensuring they’re safe every day.

Remember Where We Came From:

Moving dirt is in our blood. With a history in family earthwork businesses dating back into the 1940s, It is what we love to do. We acknowledge our past as we grow and move forward into the future.

Share our values and want to learn more about working at Witech? Check out our careers page and see what else we have to offer.

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