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By: Witech Excavating

Witech is proud to announce that Ryan Companies awarded us their prestigious Subcontractor Safety Award for 2019. We started working with Ryan in 2018 on a small 10-acre site. As our relationship has grown, so have the projects — both in size and in frequency. Today, we’re working on two or three Ryan Companies projects at a time, and our latest collaboration was a 122-acre eCommerce fulfillment site.

This award is the first of what we hope will be many safety awards won by Witech. We had zero safety incidents and zero near-misses working with Ryan in 2019, with a total of 2,832 man-hours worked on their projects, up from 1,990 man-hours in 2018. We completed every project on time and on budget.

Our superintendents Cal Testin and Jim Vandervort, were both heavily involved on-site with Ryan Companies projects, with plenty of support from our operations manager Joe Slivka. Their efforts were invaluable, and we’re proud of all the hard work they put in to help us earn this award.

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