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Earth moving is part of our heritage. When Witvoet Trucking Company Inc. was founded by brothers Boyd and Gerrit Witvoet in 1942, excavation services were added soon after. Decades later, when Boyd’s grandson Tom along with Darren Prince and then partner Jeff Krygsheld formed Witech Company Inc., excavating, grading and trucking were the new company’s emphasis. As we grew, we began to concentrate more on mass earthwork, focusing our efforts on large earthwork projects.   But no matter how impressive our resume is, it’s our hearts that really count.

 True believers

As a faith-based company, we work just as hard to be good stewards of what God has given us as we do to be good dirt movers. We like to say we move dirt faithfully. We believe we have a calling to be productive, to be people of purpose, working for the Lord.

Everything we do flows from our goal to glorify God. We demonstrate our values, such as honesty, integrity and dependability, through hard work. We don’t cut corners; we produce quality work on each and every job.

Our word is our promise. We strive to develop lasting relationships, so you know you’ll be treated respectfully and your project will receive the utmost attention from us. We’ll share our knowledge and expertise to help guide you on even the most challenging jobs, and we’ll apply our best efforts to complete the work to your satisfaction – safely, on time and on budget.

 Growth spurt

A major contributing factor to our success – and another reason for our re-brand – is our people. Everything starts and ends with our people. Money may keep the doors open, but this business is truly about people. Our drive isn’t to earn money; it’s to give back to others.

Success requires a team effort, from the office to the field. During the past five years, Witech has undergone a lot of internal changes and rapid growth. As part of that growth, we have carefully selected qualified people to join our Witech family.

Our dedicated team delivers superior end results for our clients. To help you get to know us, we have revamped our website to show you who we are and what we’re capable of producing for our clients.


While we continue to evolve and adapt, we want to concentrate on doing what we do best – what we’ve always done best: move dirt. As we’ve recalibrated, we realized it was the perfect time to rebrand to showcase what we’ve accomplished. And it’s time to share that with you. We’re not perfect, but we work hard and do our best to please our clients and maintain relationships. Along with the rebrand we’ve added our first moto:: Moving Dirt With Purpose. Our new website showcases our growth, the changes we’ve made and all the hard work that goes into building a solid reputation by dedicating our efforts to performing the work we do best.

Whatever we do, we want to do well. We look forward to working with you on your earth-moving project. We’re excited to show you who we are and what we can do for you.

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