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By: Witech Excavating

Nick Frederick (VP of Witech Excavating) was recently the featured guest on Aaron Witt of BuildWitt‘s podcast, “Dirt Talk”.

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Below are the show notes for the episode:

“Nick Frederick is Vice President of Witech Excavating, a mass excavation contractor based in the Chicagoland area.

Starting at Witech as a laborer and later marrying the owner’s (Tom Witvoet) daughter, Nick is currently transitioning to lead the business as Tom retires.

Even though Witech began from humble beginnings as an idea born out of ministry work and family history, the company today moves millions of yards of earth for some of the largest development projects in Chicago.

Nick and I talk about how he started in the Dirt World, how faith plays a role in their business, and why moving big dirt in the Midwest is so challenging.”

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