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By: Witech Excavating

We know how to move earth and we do it well. That’s why we decided to make mass earthwork our exclusive focus. Like the old saying goes, stick with what you know.

With experience, knowledge and a proven track record in large earthwork projects, we made the choice to concentrate exclusively on large mass earth projects. We’re not afraid of any size of project, but in order to take on more of these bigger jobs, we needed to expand our fleet.

In the past five years, the size of our fleet has doubled – or maybe even tripled. So has our staff. Our fleet now includes about 150 pieces of equipment. Adding to our Cat motor scrapers, articulated trucks, backhoes and dozers, we acquired:

  •         QuadTrac tractors with pans
  •         D8 tractors with pans
  •         More articulated trucks
  •         Larger excavators
  •         Larger dozers
  •         Farm equipment such as disking equipment, rollers, water trucks and service trucks

Customer relationships are the key.

Winning bids and enhancing a reputation requires more than just updated equipment. Most mass earth-moving projects are private jobs, which are awarded based on relationships and reputation rather than low bid. Luckily, this is an area in which we shine. We take pride in building relationships with clients who trust us to do the job right, on time and on budget.

Here at Witech, we’ve worked hard to develop relationships with clients in a wide range of sectors, including:

  •         Industrial
  •         Commercial
  •         Residential
  •         Municipal
  •         Mining
  •         Education
  •         Heavy highway

We’re pleased to announce that Ryan Companies US Inc., a national builder, developer, designer and real estate manager based in Minneapolis, MN, recently presented Witech with a 2020 Safety Achievement Award.

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