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The best in the biz.

Mobile Track Solutions is an original equipment manufacturer based out of Elkader, Iowa, but their tractors and scrapers can be found all over the world. They build equipment with the dirt-moving operation in mind, paying attention to the smallest details that will increase efficiency and save businesses money. 


We’ve been working with Mobile Track Solutions from the very beginning. Both Witech and MTS are family-owned and operated, so we see eye to eye when it comes to a lot of things.

We’ve narrowed it down to three reasons why we love working with Mobile Track Solutions:


Reason #1—Relationships are first.

MTS puts their people and customers first. As Witech Vice President Nick Frederick points out, “We’re with Mobile Track because they truly care about how well we do as a company—they’re invested in our success.”


Reason #2—They’re industry experts.

Like Witech, the folks at Mobile Track Solutions come from generations of earthmovers, with a true passion for dirt. Every single design, down to the poly o-rings that diminish wear on tires, is built to minimize downtime and keep the big iron going.


Reason #3—The best or not at all.

Mobile Track Solutions is on the leading edge for earth-moving technology and it doesn’t stop with their design work. They also utilize the best in the world—Caterpillar—for all their parts and engine components so their customers get the top-of-the-line, efficient, reliable service. 

Challenging the status quo together.

We wouldn’t be moving dirt as efficiently without equipment manufacturers like Mobile Track Solutions. It makes it even more fun that our businesses are in a similar stage of development, and VP Justin Augustyn and Nick Frederick have carried on the friendship established by generations past. Witech is rooting for Mobile Track Solutions, because in the words of Nick Frederick, they are “growing rapidly, they’re going up against people who have been established in the dirt world for a long time, and so is Witech.” In our mission to move dirt with purpose, we’re better together. 


Thank you to Mobile Track Solutions for being an excellent trade partner, as well as just a team of all-around good people!


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