General Superintendent

Pat Callier

Pat Callier, a highly skilled General Superintendent, joined Witech in April 2023. He came with nearly two decades of experience in the industry, beginning at an excavating company in 2005. Pat's journey helped him to develop a solid foundation in the field before joining the Witech team.

Pat's responsibilities encompass daily planning, quantity tracking, and coordination with general contractors. As a problem-solving enthusiast, he finds great joy in his role as a superintendent, especially working outdoors and collaborating with his team to accomplish project objectives.

Pat credits his mentors for instilling in him a strong work ethic and sharpening his problem-solving skills. While the work as a superintendent can be demanding, Pat holds a genuine admiration for his Witech team, highlighting the supportive atmosphere where everyone actively works together, making each other's tasks more manageable and efficient. Their guidance has played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to his work.

When asked about the importance of attracting younger generations to the industry, Pat believes that it is crucial for them to understand the benefits his line of work can offer. Alongside a rewarding career, he emphasizes that this line of work can provide a comfortable living, presents mental and physical challenges to be overcome, and offers opportunities for growth within a company without incurring college debt.

Outside of his work with Witech, engaging in competitive activities brings out the true essence of Pat's personality and he can really shine. Pat dedicates himself to coaching his children in basketball, baseball, and softball. He cherishes quality moments spent with his family and friends, and occasionally indulges in a round of golf to unwind.

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