Mechanic & Low-Boy Operator

Nicholas Alexander Martin

Nicholas "Alex" Martin joined the Witech team in April 2022. Alex is a skilled mechanic and low-boy operator who is pleased with the line of work he’s in. Off-road equipment had drawn him in from an earlier age, working on semis, before entering the industry. It was the encouragement of his faithful wife that motivated him to pursue a career in heavy construction.

As a Witech mechanic and low-boy operator, Alex is responsible for maintaining and moving equipment. Lucky enough for him, his favorite tool of the trade is the low-boy, which he gets to handle frequently. He takes special pride in his work and enjoys the camaraderie among his fellow Witech employees who share his values.

According to Alex, life as he knows it is great. Alex was instilled with a strong work ethic after growing up on a small goat farm, which he applies to Witech and his life at home. Outside of work, Alex enjoys working on handyman projects around the house, spending quality time with friends, and watching his children grow up.

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