Michael Monferdini II

With 16 years of industry experience and a family background in farming and heavy equipment, Michael is a natural fit for the Witech Excavating team. Michael works as a mechanic, and his primary responsibilities include inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the heavy equipment that our teams rely on for critical jobs.

Michael’s favorite thing about being a member of the Witech team is the crew. He enjoys all the people he encounters and relishes his role because it “doesn’t feel like work.” Michael’s top piece of equipment is the crane on his service truck which he says is almost like having an extra hand. However, he’s not shy about getting his other hands dirty on a job either, and credits the mentors he’s had over the years for helping him develop his work ethic.

Outside of his daily work with heavy equipment and machinery, Michael enjoys spending his time hunting and getting together with friends.

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