Joleen Johnson, Director of Adminstration/ Staff Accountant of WITECH Headshot Photo
Director of Administration/Staff Accountant

Joleen Johnson

As Witech’s director of administration and staff accountant, Joleen Johnson integrated and maintains the accounting and software program. She manages all the accounting functions and oversees the daily office administration. In her previous role as safety manager, she developed and monitored the health, safety and procurement information for the company.
Having worked as an office manager for three trucking companies in a multi-company office and managed scale house operations for a scrap yard, where her duties included overseeing inventory and controlling rail, barge and truck traffic for the yard, Joleen has 34 years experience in office management, safety and transportation. Over the course of her career, she discovered that she thrives on challenges and does her best work in high volume settings. Working for Witech, a company she considers family, since 2007, she’s pleased that an addition to the building allowed her office to move out of the kitchen, where it was located for her first 11 years.

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