Deni Rankovich

Deni Rankovich is a seasoned mechanic, bringing 19 years of industry experience to the role. His work centers on maintaining and repairing equipment for Witech, and he finds great satisfaction in using his hands and mind to fix, create, and engineer.

Deni's favorite tool of the trade is his torch. Embracing the serious yet playful aspect of his work is what Deni believes keeps future generations coming back to this enduring industry. He also calls the camaraderie and symbiosis amongst his colleagues an enduring feature, if not his favorite part of the job.

Accomplishments of note include his involvement in the restoration of two 1925 Erie B steam shovels, a rare project, as there are only seven running shovels in existence.

Deni’s passion for mechanics runs in the family. Like father, like son, Deni’s father served as a mechanic for a local 150. Deni greatly admires his father and sets personal goals of earning the same level or even surpassing the respect his father garnered throughout his career. He values the lessons learned from his father's work ethic and strives to uphold those principles in his own career at Witech.

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