Darren Prince, Secretary/Treasurer at WITECH Headshot Photo
Secretary / Treasurer

Darren Prince

Known as Whitey – either for the color of his hair or the brightness of his legs – Darren Prince wears many hats. In addition to serving as secretary/treasurer, he is also part-owner and one of the founders of Witech.

As a child, Whitey rode his bike to the local sand pit – home to a family-owned excavating company. They soon put him to work moving dirt and running equipment. He’s still “playing in the dirt,” as he phrases it.

At Witech, he coordinates machines for different projects, hauls them to the jobsite if necessary, since he has a CDL, and sometimes operates equipment on the job.
An affable man, he likes working with the crews and dealing with people. Setting the tone for honest dealing and taking care of their employees, he values relationships and considers Witech’s employees “closer than family.”

He simply likes to help people, whether on the job or through his church, where he supports local missions. Married, with three daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren, Whitey greets the future with optimism, eagerness and a sense of humor.

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